Mark in history

Natural beauty

The climate and weather make the wood lose its original color, and time makes its rings highlight. The color and structural effect that arises in a natural way is impossible to forge by man.

By tending this precious material, we create natural beauty. When you look at our products, you will see a trace of history recorded in the structure of old wood.

Our actions

Original form

We try to keep the original form of the material we work with. The wood we work with is at least 50 years old, so at the beginning it always goes to a professional drying room, where it is provided with adequate time and drying conditions. Thanks to that, after several days, the boards are dry, refreshed and suitable for further processing. In our modern machine park, we give old wood a new life, strictly with the applicable process of technology and woodworking.
We recover old wood from demolition: buildings, churches, barns, sheds. We have extensive knowledge in the field of old wood recovery technology, a modern machine park and a drying room, thanks to which we are able to create products of extraordinary appearance and quality.

of product

We create our products only from original old wood. It is an authentic old material whose age is at least 50 years. Many buildings from which we recover wood have the carved year in which they were built. The oldest of these buildings came from 1672. It’s almost 400 years of history written in the structure of this old wood!

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